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Thanks for your response everyone, I have found what I need through the usual: perseverance! It was only a matter of time, I thought it might be easier to ask but a local Mexican friend gave me a lead and I found one listed. I also am enrolled in physical therapy for 30p an hour and it actually is helping! Now if I can only find some organic farms to buy produce Ill be livin large!


Im a friend of Andys in Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala. Ive got a good local guy, who my extended family contracts for all of their chiropractic work. His name is Pedro de la Cruz Molina. Send me a PM, and Ill dig out his number. He is here in town, but I usually see him on the family ranch, which is about a 100 km. away. His rates are pretty reasonable, between Q150 and Q200 per hour, for the general public.

I doubt there is a chiropractor in San Christobal, that is an Americanism for the most part. Lago Atitlan has James. http://www.hobotraveler.com/hobos/teishin

Ive left this comment three times now and iy hasnt shown up! I hope third time is a charm. I am looking for a decent chiropractor and a dr for a shot in my shoulder (bursitis). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just moved here and am having difficulty locating the things I need.

Looking for info on how to get to Las Grutas. Anyone know?